Pricing for each aisle runner includes three components:

Price of the aisle runner fabric + Price of the design + shipping

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Pricing for Custom Wedding Aisle Runners:

Price of the aisle runner fabric

The standard width of the aisle runner is 54". We highly recommend you to measure the aisle length yourself and not rely solely on the measurements provided by the venue. We have experienced several occasions where the the runners were ordered based on dimensions provided by the venue which were incorrect. Because all our custom wedding aisle runners are hand painted to your order specifications we cannot make the runners longer and we don't want you to pay for more than what you need.

Chart A: Runner Length

Length of Runner Price
25 feet$60.00
30 feet$70.00
35 feet$80.00
40 feet$90.00
45 feet$100.00
50 feet$110.00
55 feet$120.00
60 feet$130.00
65 feet$140.00
70 feet$150.00
75 feet$160.00

Price of the Design

Each wedding aisle runner is unique and the price can vary depending on the options you want. We custom hand paint each order so the choice is yours in regards of monogam, first names, or special messages.

Placement of your design on your wedding aisle also matters, there is no charge when the design is placed at the beginning or the end. However, there is a $25 fee for all designs centered in the middle of the runner.

In addition to your monogram you can add a date, there are three different prices depending on the format desired (chart B-2). We also have some great choices for scrolls and flourishes at an extra cost.

Please contact us for all of your design options. Ask About Adding Glitter To Your Monogram Or Design!

Chart B-1: Monogram

Length of Runner Price
Basic Monogram Design*$235.00
One Single Initial$125.00
Three Letter Monogram$150.00

Chart B-2: Date

Date Format Price
Numeric $30.00
Standard $45.00
Fully written$60.00