When your runner arrives via Fed Ex, take it out of the box and keep it lying flat, not on end. It is wrapped in plastic. I know it is hard to resist, but, I suggest NOT unrolling the runner. The reason for this is, it can be difficult to roll it back up evenly.

I have taken extreme care in keeping your runner wrinkle free. I always hope that FedEx takes as much care after I ship your runner. In the event, that they did not treat your runner with the same gentle touch that I did in creating and getting it ready to ship, please make sure before the wedding day that it is ok and wrinkle free. If not, you would have time to handle the problem.

Think about how you want to display your Custom Aisle Runner.

  1. Will you roll it out ahead of time, rope off the aisle, and have your guests enter and exit from side aisles?
  2. Do you want to have an usher roll out the runner, have your bridal party walk down it before you,
  3. Or, do you want an usher to roll out the runner after your bridal party has walked down the aisle and just before it is time for the you/the bride to make your entrance?

When it is time to roll out the runner, place the runner at the altar area and roll it down towards the entrance of the church, so your design displays as it should. Also, there is a piece of cellophane covering your monogram to protect it. Please have your attendant pull the cellophane off as it is rolled out. I don’t want you or your attendants to slip on the cellophane. There are 8 pearl pins included with the runner to secure it to a carpeted surface. Four pins are for the top, and four for the bottom of the aisle.

If you have a tiled aisle, please make sure you secure your runner with clear packing tape, or white duct tape (you can buy at hardware store, Michaels, etc), at the top and bottom.

It was my great pleasure having the opportunity to work with you to create your custom aisle runner for your special day. I work very hard to please, and hope the final product is exactly what you had envisioned, and hope to hear feedback from you on how your aisle worked out for you on the day of your wedding.

I am hoping that you will have your photographer take a picture of you both standing in front of the monogram and email one to me with your photographer’s permission and info to give them credit, as I would like to feature your pictures on my web site to show future brides how the runners look at the ceremony. “PLUS, I WANT TO SEE!”

“Oh and don’t forget to SMILE as you walk down your aisle runner”!