More Advice When Featuring A Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner

The best advice I could offer when featuring a custom aisle runner for your ceremony, would be first to give the job of rolling out the runner to someone you trust. I realize sometimes you want to incorporate certain younger family members to possibly do the honors, but you want to make sure that whoever you choose will roll it out straight and secure it at both ends so it looks photo ready.

What You Should Know Before You Order A Custom Aisle Runner

I have created countless aisle runners in the past eight years, and with that experience, learned not to have my brides depend on the venue to measure their aisle. More than a few of my brides gave me measurements the venue gave themn and were quite disappointed when the design they chose didn't fall where it should, or not even be rolled out because the aisle was measured longer than it actually was.


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Wedding Aisle Runners-Chic Unique Inc. creates custom personalized aisle runners that are hand painted on 100% fabric with custom monograms, designs, quotes and poems to create a truly Chic and Unique wedding.