• Custom Wedding Garter
  • Custom Wedding Garters

    Victoria Joanne Custom Garters Fun, classy, luxurious - what ever you're looking for - She's got it! Hello It's me Victoria... A little about me... I'm a lover of uniqueness, not a follower in the "industry". I do my own thing (must be the creative artist in me). I'm a lover of nature. My favorite color is the Rainbow - Yep, One color's not enough... BEAUTIFUL! I've been a custom garter designer since 2001. My specialty is personalized custom designer garters, and Embroidered keepsakes.


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    Wedding Aisle Runners-Chic Unique Inc. creates custom personalized aisle runners that are hand painted on 100% fabric with custom monograms, designs, quotes and poems to create a truly Chic and Unique wedding.