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The New Way to walk down the aisle with Style

Our custom wedding aisle runners are hand painted and personalized to set the mood, complete your theme, and add a look of unique elegance to your wedding ceremony.

Our aisle runners are white, 54" wide and hand-painted on a heavy canvas-like fabric. The fabric is manufactured with a single pass foam backing making the underside of the runner feel like suede.

After the ceremony, roll it up and bring it to the reception. As they announce the bridal party, you can walk down it again! It makes for another good photo opportunity!

Who Is Chic Unique Inc.

My name is Beth Martin, and I have been creating aisle runners since 2006. I have always dabbled in art, mostly painting murals.

Chic Unique was started out of a desire to create a hand painted wedding aisle runner for my son’s wedding. My future daughter in law had seen a very high priced custom wedding runner at a bridal fair, and knowing I knew how to draw, asked if I I could paint a monogram and wedding date on a runner for their wedding. I was thrilled to try, and when it came out “amazing”, I couldn't wait to show it to them.

Sadly, the day after I showed them their personalized runner, they regretfully called and told me they had to change their date of the wedding due to a job layoff. Two years later, I got to recreate their runner with their “new date” for their wedding!

In the meantime, I thought I would try to market my artistic abilities creating hand painted personalized aisle runners. Since that first runner, I have painted countless designs, and pride myself on the fabulous reviews and photos my brides send me. I love being a small part of a couple’s very SPECIAL DAY!